Photo Projection Couple Necklace

SKU: NE80093001

Photo Projection Couple Necklace

SKU: NE80093001
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Size chart

Ring Guide Chart



Please noted that you should ensure your hand size before you order the rings. If you are not sure of your hand size, you can use our "finger size” guide chart. If you are helping your friends buying, you only have to tell him or her
using a measuring tape to measure the length of finger according to step 1 & 2. then you can use the "Ring Size Table " to compare with the relevant size matching the length. If you can’t find the same size of the matching length, the size of the order you usually make will increase, so the rings wouldn’t be too small when you wear them.

Step 1: Cut a straight piece of paper, the size is approximately 3 inches (length) *1/2 inches (width).
Step 2: Use a piece of paper to cover around your finger, and make the mark on the end of the paper.

Step 3: Draw X mark on the finger size guide chart, then print it out, stretch this note, mark "X" on the terminal of this note, this is just the right finger size. 

Note something special About our different measuring standard “Ring guide chart” , comes from the International size conversion table



Use a ring that fits you to determine your ring size. Place your ring over the nearest size circle. The inner edge of the ring should align with the outer edge of the circle. If your ring appears to fit between two sizes, buy the larger size.

Ring Size

  • Color: White Gold Plated
  • Material: Alloy
  • Style: Personalized
  • Size: 55+5cm
  • Weight: 14.2g

Experience the magic of the Photo Projection Couple Necklace, a beautiful and personalized piece of jewelry that is sure to captivate your heart. This necklace is the perfect way to showcase your love and affection to someone special, making it a truly unique and unforgettable gift.

Crafted from high-quality alloy and plated with white gold, this necklace is designed to last and is a testament to your love for one another. The Personalized style of the necklace is perfect for adding a touch of uniqueness, allowing you to customize it with a photo of your choosing.

The centerpiece of the necklace is the photo projection pendant, which projects a beautiful image onto any surface. You can choose any photo of your liking, making it a truly personalized piece of jewelry that is unique to your relationship.

The necklace has a length of 55+5cm, making it perfect for both men and women. Its weight of 14.2g is substantial enough to feel significant but still light enough to wear comfortably throughout the day.

In summary, the Photo Projection Couple Necklace is a stunning piece of jewelry that combines elegance, style, and personalization. It's a perfect way to show your love and affection to someone special or to commemorate a special moment in your relationship. With its high-quality materials, beautiful design, and personalized style, this necklace is sure to become a cherished addition to your jewelry collection, and a constant reminder of your love and affection for one another.

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